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All skin revision treatments are customized with DMK products based off of your specific skin condition. DMK is number one in paramedical skin revision and their products a product only contain pure botanical ingredients. Other beautification services include use of premium products such as Nufree, Starpil, and Refectocil

What does it mean to be a DMK trained paramedical esthetician?

Only specifically trained estheticians may apply DMK formulas or perscribe home care products. The goal is to encourage change from within the skin, not just apply product to the it. Use of a recommended comprehensive home maintenance program ensures the support of the skin and long lasting results.

Transdermal Nutrition Treatments | Signature Facials

Let our skin revision technicians take you above and beyond your expectations with a customized facial to hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin. Facials include a transdermal infsion. This infusion is a cocktail of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals and is customized to your particular skin condition by your esthetician.

Paramedical Skin Procedures

These elite skin revision procedures are for those who want results. Specific treatments are available for pigmentation, rosacea, acne, open pores, scarring, milia, wrinkles, sun damage, fragile capillaries and premature aging.

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy treatments improve the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin. This in turn restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation, required for cellular regeneration. Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as aging skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Body Treatments

DMK Body Treatments achieve remarkable results and can make you feel like a new person. The DMK Body Enzyme Treatment can stimulate skin cells to function correctly and like a domino effect, regeneration can begin at a cellular level. Treatments are also available for stretch mark revision, firming, inch loss, improvement of the skin, and more.

Pre and Post Operative Procedure

Customized paramedical pre and post operative skin revision to dramatically enhance surgery results and ensure client satisfaction. Enzyme Therapy is also excellent for those who receive fillers and botox.

The DMK Method

The DMK method of natural pharmacology demands results of the highest calibre. DMK offers an elite skin revision concept, focusing on client care. Of unequivocal prevalence is the balance between professional salon treatments and at home maintenance. Designed in synergy with the body’s matrix, DMK treatments are tailored to the individual’s anatomic chemistry. ‘Working with the skin rather than merely acting upon it’, instigates a change proven to rebuild skin and rebuild lives. REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN is the DMK concept and the essence of beautiful and radiant skin for both men and women. Entwined with industry wisdom the DMK procedures are timeless formulations used tirelessly for clients who have ‘tried it all’ and just want results.