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Davianne Beepot, L.E.

Davianne feels that we all have a story. However, whether you’re after better skin, goals, success, a mindset shift, or a life change; it is when you turn the page and stop rereading the last chapter to write a new one better fit to your new ideal reality is where you will find the results you seek. Re-reading the chapter means repeating bad habits or living in the past.

Davianne’s number one job is to her three boys as a single mom. She is also an entrepreneur, global brand educator, mentor, mindset mastery + business coach, and business strategist. She has educated at the Aveda Institute as an Esthiology Instructor, where she grew to love educating and mentoring young women men across North Florida. Over the years, she has worked for top esthetic industry companies such as ProCell Therapies, Circadia Skincare, QYKbrands, and BioSkin Aesthetics.

Davianne Beepot is a total believer in the power and impact of change. As the founder and lead paramedical esthetician of Skin Revision by Davianne, she helps her clients rewrite their skin’s story every day. Skin Revision is based on the concept that the skin is merely a mirror to internal health and various other intrinsic/extrinsic factors at play.

Skin Revision by Davianne’s team diligently works to restore confidence and by improving the overall appearance of clients to the desired state with advanced corrective skin revision treatments and solutions in a holistic manner.

Davianne knows that when we look our best, we feel our best, which leads to doing better and being better as a whole in terms of confidence and performance. It’s simply magnetic and ignites a real soul change. We must help others.

Many aren’t aware that there are solutions to help them revise their insecurities when it comes to the non-invasive revision cosmetic treatment, which may be impacting their self-esteem and how they view themself. This is why it has become Davianne’s mission to empower clients with real solutions to help them transform into the best version of themself, both inside and out.

Davianne serves as a mentor and guide to entrepreneurs and estheticians seeking to make an impact. In addition, Davianne coaches others, realizing that there are so many ways to serve people with innate gifts positively. Davianne aims not only to help individuals succeed but also to rise above their limitations regardless of any obstacles and setbacks that they may face in their journey to success.

Davianne has a great passion for giving back to the community. Currently, she helps out and partners with the NFL alumni Jacksonville Chapter – “Caring For Children.”

Davianne knows that passion and purpose are essential, and we owe it to ourselves and others to pay things forward whenever given a chance. She has had many excellent mentors, such as top industry movers and shakers, in the most monumental times of her life, which felt like rock bottom for her. However, she thinks that if you can provide someone with hope or faith, then do so. Their future may thank you for it.

Davianne hopes to find a way to bring about more global change and motivation from mentors to mentees in times of need in various platforms.

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