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SRBD Body Treatments

Advanced Body Treatments

$150-350 | Body Enzyme Therapy | DMK

This deep exfoliating, strengthening and firming Enzyme Treatment is specifically designed for the body and for those people who want to see and feel a difference in the texture of their skin. Body Enzyme Therapy contours while encouraging the skin to perform better. It increases circulation and lymphatic drainage and strengthens and firms skin. Body Enzyme Therapy is designed to revise cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation, as well as the treatment of ingrown hairs, pigmentation, stretch marks and acne on the body. $150.00 | 1 area $250.00 | Half Body $350.00 | Full Body

$100 | The DMK Chest Enzyme Treatment | 90 min

The DMK Chest Treatment is designed to tighten and tone the delicate tissue around the bust and décolletage, by utilizing Body Enzyme Therapy. Fine lines can often settle in between the breast area. This treatment includes a gentle gommage peel to exfoliate the skin prior to the enzyme rebuilding the skin.

$200 | Body Sculpting Wrap | Anti-Cellulite | DMK | 90 min

The perfect add on to any skin care treatment! Soothe and relax muscle tissue while minimizing the appearance of cellulite and unsightly puffy areas to discover a firmer body. The DMK Body Sculpting wrap creates a thermogenic effect increasing circulation aiding in the removal of waste material. Deep Freeze is applied followed by a warm application of Body Sculpt cream to stimulate circulation and firm the skin. To penetrate the product the treated area will be wrapped in cellophane. After your treatment the cellophane will be removed but a light trace of the product will remain to allow the products to continue to work throughout the remainder of the day to re-shape and re-sculpt the body. Body Sculpting Cream is also available for purchase to increase results for home usage. $200.00 | 90 min $50.00 | Add-on

$100 | The DMK Booty Enzyme Treatment | 90 min

The Booty Treatment firms up your bottom side and keeps the buttocks looking nice. Areas treated include the rear-end and the back of the upper thighs. This includes a cupping massage, light peel, and DMK's Body Enzyme to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. The Booty Treatment works to reduce acne breakouts, firm skin, minimize ingrowns, and improve dry skin.

$150 | Back Facial with Enzyme Therapy | DMK

This specialized treatment focuses on restoring the health and appearance of the back area using techniques that are found effective for similar face concerns, while targeting it specifically towards issues occurring on the back such as breakouts, oiliness, pigmentation, and dryness. Enzyme Therapy helps to clarify and soften skin for clear, radiant, and healthy glow.

pH Revision Treatments

$250 | pH Revision & Enzyme Therapy Treatment | DMK | 105 min

DMK's Alkaline Therapy brings the pH of the skin to the opposite end of the pH scale without the use of acids. This causes the skin to soften resulting in the skin cells desquamating. pH revision is recommended for a range of skin conditions including ingrown hairs, folliculitis, acne, milia, rosacea, fine lines, deep wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, scarring and stretch marks. We always finish your rebuild after alkaline therapy with Enzyme 1 to restore optimal skin health.

Scar Revision | DMK | Program | Price Varies (Call to Consult)

The DMK concept works to replace the damaged cells with stronger, firmer, and healthier ones for smoother and more even skin that gives people the confidence to show who they really are. All Scar Revision Programs begin and end with skin strengthening enzyme therapy treatments and nourishing amino acid rich Home Prescriptive products to feed cells proteins, water, and nutrients to encourage the regeneration of better quality tissue. EFAs and Enzyme Treatments work to detoxify and strengthen skin's internal structures and functions. The prep for Scar Revision includes essential fatty acid supplements with a comprehensive home-care regimen followed up by a DMK peel to reduce a large percentage of the scarred area. After the peel been performed, the remaining treatments will alternate between pH Revision, Enzyme Therapy, and Prozyme to control to remodeling process.

$225 | Stretch Mark Revision | 90 min

​Stretch marks are poorly functioning scar tissue. pH Revision Treatments us alkaline therapy to soften, swell, and dissolve damaged tissue in order to stimulate the tissue to re-knit. This is a heavy removal which is followed up by the rebuilding power of DMK Enzyme Therapy which encourages new and healthy skin.